Spinnel-Annas Släktförening
Årsmöte 2009-03 -15.

Västerslättskyrkan Umeå.



The board has had 2 meetings, as the past years a small reunion has been placed in Fidovalley with barbeque and activities. Furthermore the association has also this year attened a christmasmarket in Vindeln.

The ongoing work with the familyrecords is proceeding.


The interest toward the Canada Trip has been great but few has registrered, only 22 at the moment. The arrangements and discussions with the travelagencies have been based upon 50 people, so that means new discussions. The economin crisis and bad rates and contributing towards people register towards the trip, the lottery has been a success.


Dale Malmgren has opened a webpage in Canada, ”www.spinnelanna.ca”, where you can read about what is happing towards the reunion.


The board has been this year: Lennart Stensson, Jan-Åke Karlsson, Bertil Brånin, Karl-Johan Markström, Håkan Gustafsson, Per-Anders Åström, Otilia Johansson, Malin Eriksson and Jenny Johansson.

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