Spinnel-Anna Association 2007                                Umeå 2008-02-02

The board has had 3 meetings. We have also arranged a wellvisited small reunion at Fidovalley, Gammdegersjön. Furthermore the association thru Jan-Åke, Karl-Johan och Per-Anders participated in christmas markets in Vindeln an Roback. Summerletter and christmasletter has been sent out to the 200 members. Updates of the supplements is continuing at slowpace, in time for a new dvd
release of the familybook.

The old book as well as the dvd release is availble at from the cashier. The homepage is open for text and pictures from different activities from the association and Spinnel-Anna family relatives. Part from the family records shall be delivered to storage.

The familyorganisation in Canada thru Dale Malmgren have during autumn, invited us to a reunion in Melfort, Saskatoon, during the second half of july month 2010. The association has kindly accepted the invation and started preparing the planning of a familytrip to Canada

The board has been under this year: Bertil Brånin act. ceo, Karl-Johan Markström secr., Jan-Åke Karlsson cashier, Per-Anders Åström webbmaster and Malin Eriksson, Roland Eriksson, Håkan Gustafsson, Otilia Johansson, Lennart Stensson and Birgitta Wilhelmsson.

Bertil Brånin


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