Spinnel-Annas Association  Umeå 2007-03-15

Yearletter 2006

The Board has had 3 meetings during the year. We also have been to Fidovalley this summer, where the attendents got hats. The association has thru Jan-Åke and Karl-Johan been to a christmas market in Vindeln. Summer letter and Christmas letter has been sent out to the 160 members in our association. The update on the book goes slow when not alot of information is sent in.

We also have started the contacts for a eventuell trip to U.S.A in 2010. The board have started gathering old boardmaterial to be sent to the archives in Umeå

The associations economy will be shown seperately

Familybook and DVD is for sale still. The Homepage is activ with text and pictures from our different activities.

The Board has been this year

Bertil Brånin ex. C.E.O
Karl Markström Secreterary
Jan-Åke Karlsson Cashier
Per-Anders Åström Webmaster
Roland Eriksson
Håkan Gustafsson
Ottilia Johansson
Lennart Stensson
Daniel Tjärnström
Birgitta Wilhelmsson

For The Board

Bertil Brånin

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