Umeå 2006-02-14

Yearletter 2005

The Board has had 6 mettings, workgroups have meed under some occasions.

During the year the main concept has been to see to that the reunion under 14-20 july, to be conducted in a good way, and that the DVD with the familytree should be finished.

The Reunion was conducted professionally and the Board wishes to thank all whom drove, was hostfamilies and handled the food and program at our official meetings.

We also would like to thank all at Great Sandlake for their cooperation

Its with great relief that the work with the supplement has come to a good result, we thank Per-Anders for his work with the DVD.

The homepage has created alot of contacts during this year.

The interest for the reunion has been huge, and contact has been kept via e-mail and letterwise in USA and Canada. and several 100 in Sweden.

The board has been:

Lennart Stensson C.E.O
Karl Markström Secretary
Jan-Åke Karlsson Cashier
Bertil Brånin
Håkan Gustafsson
Birgitta Wilhelmsson
Stefan Spinnell
Roland Eriksson
Per-Anders Åström Webmaster

The Board

Lennart Stensson

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