Umeå 2005-01-18

Yearletter 2004

The board has during the year had 3 meetings, over that workgroups have met at some occasions. The association have had a summerday at Fidovalley where bath and games was the main events

During the year the mainconcept have been to plan for our big family reunion and to keep the homepage updated, the work on finishing the DVD has progressing. Per-Anders have added all from the ”old” book and some branches is quite finished. A DVD will be released to the reunion in 2005

The homepage has made alot of contact during the year.

Paying members in Sweden has been 167.
Contact has been keps with 40 persons in USA and Canada.

The Board wished to thank Per-Anders Åström for his good work with the homepage and the book.


The Board has been under 2004:

Lennart Stensson C.E.O
Karl Markström Secretary
Jan-Åke Karlsson Cashier
Bertil Brånin
Håkan Gustafsson
Birgitta Wilhelmsson
Stefan Spinnell
Roland Eriksson
Per-Anders Åström Webmaster

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