Umeå 2004-02-19

What we have done under 2003

The board has had 2 meetings. Workgroups has met a couple of times.

During the year, the prioritys were to keep homepage updated and to work with the supplement. A genealogy program has been set now and the work is on the way to be on cd now

The homepage has created alot of contacts during the year.

Paying members has during the year has been 152.
Contacts has been had between 40 relatives in USA and Canada

The reunion is 2005 has been looked into. 14-20 of july is now set as the time of the reunionA youth group is being created to take cae of the youths so their stay will be pleasent and good.

Board the last year:

Lennart Stensson C.E.O
Karl Markström Secretary
Jan-Åke Karlsson Cashier
Bertil Brånin
Håkan Gustafsson
Birgitta Wilhelmsson
Stefan Spinnell
Håkan Linerud
Per-Anders Åström Webmaster

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