Umeå June 10, 2013
Dear relative!
During his lifetime, our common ancestor Spinnel-Anna resided in four different places in
current Umeå region. The first three years she lived at Vasterhiske and the site visited
We last summer, specifically between Beijer and the newly built industrial premises next door.
A new road to the site is called Spinnhusvägen and spinnhus is most likely what the name
Spinnel coming from.
After this, the family took over a farm in Tavelsjö, who was Spinnel-Anna’s mother’s childhood home.
This place should we visit in conjunction with this year’s summer rally Sunday, July 21. We meet now
13.00 at the clock tower in Tavelsjö.
We continue to follow in the footsteps Spinnel-Anna’s upcoming family reunions. After Tavelsjo moved the
Newlyweds Spinnel-Anna to Hjuken, where we meet next summer, and 10 years later, they bought the land in
Storsandsjon where she lived the rest of his life. In conjunction with the large family reunion in 2015
therefore we will meet in Storsandsjon. Do not forget that the calendar schedule 7 to 14 July 2015
the big family reunion.
And do not forget to send in updates, photos and related stories! Send them to the Per- Anders Åtrömwebmaster@spinnelanna.se
We on the Board wish you all a great summer!
Bjorn Kjellsson

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