Umeå, June 28, 2012
Hi relative!
In the introduction to Spinnel-Anna The book tells us that Spinnel-Anna during her lifetime, was residing at four different locations in the Umeå region. Her first three years of life she lived on Västerhiske in Umeå. Then the family took over the farm in Tavelsjö that was Spinnel-Anna’s mother’s childhood home. As newlywed Spinnel-Anna moved about 1755 to Hjuken. Ten years later they bought the land in Storsandsjön where she lived until her death in 1812.
Spinnel-Anna association has, as you probably know, a tradition of organizing annual summer gatherings as well as large family reunions every five years. As it is now three summers to go before the big reunion in 2015, we will begin a journey in Spinnel-Anna’s foot track. This year’s summer rally, 12 August at 13:00, we spend Spinnel-Anna’s first three years at Västerhiske. Anders Lidman, will tell Västerhiske / Grubbes history and using new and old maps to show us where the homestead where Spinnel-Anna lived 1724-1727, probably was. In fine weather, we will take us up on Röberget, in the rain, we’ll stick to the Umeå Cargo AB (is the new house next to where we think the cottage was.) Association offers refreshments. To find the meeting place, turn off the E12 in the roundabout at the Beijer and St1 (If you are going west, Vännäs-held, is the exit just after ICA quantum on the left) then follow the signs.
Mark your calendar now 7 to 14 July 2015 then it will very many relatives from America and Canada. Interest is already high so we will have several relatives who volunteer as host families, etc. =)
Do not forget to send updates, photos and family stories!
Have a great Summer!
Jenny Mozgovoy

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