June 11, 2011, Umeå

Hello cousin!

After Spinnel-Anne’s annual meeting in March, the Board elected a new chairman and secretary. Our new Secretary, Per-Anders Åström, is since many years the association’s webmaster and responsible for updating the family book. It was therefore right that he also would manage the board papers. Of course my name is Jenny Mozgovoy and has served as a member of the Board since 2008. This was my first contact with the association for many years. (My first contact was probably the age of five at the reunion in 1987). I have long been interested in genealogy, looking to and from for ancestors online. What I find so interesting about Spinnel-Anna’s family society is that we are also looking for relatives who are living today. After having the same origin. We all have a common history. This background is important that we look at the spread down the generations.

If you know that the information in the database is outdated? Please fill in form on website and send to Per-Anders Åström, Dragongatan 8, 903 22 Umeå or webmaster (at) spinnelanna.se. We must jointly take responsibility to keep the family book to date!

Spinnel-Anna has a Facebook group where the time of writing 193 descendants of Spinnel-Anna are members. Join in and chat with relatives around the world.
With the hope to see you all on the small family gathering in the Vindel-Ånäset Board wishes you a great summer!



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