Spinnel-Anna’s Family Association Umeå 2010-06-12


Dear relatives!


After a spring of mixed weather, we get closer to the hopefully wonderful summer! Dale reported from Canada, they had more than a month of continuous rain, and farmers were desperate. It’s nice to not be a farmer and so dependent on weather.


Planning for Canada trip is in full swing, and although in the end we were not so many, we will have a host of princely family in Saskatoon, Melfort and Vancouver. Our own cultural performances will be of the more spontaneous nature, then we have not had a chance to work out something together. But confident that we are Spinnel-anning, of course, everything will work anyway! SLooks, however, with some trepidation, forward to 45 minutes program in front of city hall in Saskatoon!


Those of you who are not able to follow, will hopefully be able to follow the adventure of our family and canada websites. We are now examining the gifts that are appropriate to the active members of the planning committee in Saskatoon and Melfort. What is a typical Swedish-Västerbottninskt-which they can appreciate? We must not take Västerbottensost, for example.


This summer’s family-picnic will be July 11 at 13:00 Byastugan in Vindel-Ånäset. Bring your friends and family and suitable culinary picnic! There is room for different activities.


The new version of the family code is now being burned, and comes as a CD. It turned out that the new program required less memory, so it can fit on a single CD-ROM. Thanks to Per-Anders for the job of registering. Although the book is now clear for this time, please continue to post changes in your family, so that the main list is always current.


Spinnel-Anna is available as a group on Facebook, and you who use this means of communication can have the debate about the family going, and even more interesting relatives. Hopefully, we reach in this way ”new” individuals and families. Please come with ideas for activities and information that can be posted on our website. Just send a mail to the webmaster


We must wish you all a great summer with time to implement everything you want, and above all time to meet with friends and family!


Lennart and Board


Bertil Brånin, Malin Eriksson, Håkan Gustafsson, Bjorn Kjellsson, Jan-Ake Karlsson, Karl Markström, Jenny Mozogovoy and Per-Anders Åström

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