Umeå  2009-06-18             

Dear Relatives!

Finally a day with sun and some heat just before midsummer. Just hoping the weekendweather will be better then the reports are foretelling. There is something special with the swedish midsummer, and i hope it will be a good moment to meet near and dear. My son came home from Gothenburg, and the rest is just in the neigborhood so i will have them all around me 🙂


The work on organizing the trip is progressing forward, and the only thing is that so few has been preregistering them selfs. We have so far only 25 on the list. I know more are interested and will register soon. But it is important that we find out how many that are really interested. Not only for the costs but also for the Canadian commitees will be able to do their preparations. Dale and Saskatoon, Melfort and Vancouver want to be prepared.


So all over there: Everyone whom wants to go need to get in touch with Dale or some other person. The event takes place in july 2010 july 19- august 3.


Other news: The familybook is being developed ongoing and dont forget to send every news to the webmaster or use the supplement on the webpage.


Go into our homepage www.spinnelanna.se/index2.html


Best wishes Lennart and the board

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