Spinnel-Annas Association


                                                                       Umeå 2007-06-29

Hello all you familymembers.


The swedish summer is finally here, after a nice and early spring. We may hope that july and august vill be just as nice with sun, heat and just a bit rain. Its been a calm year in the association.


Yearmeeting in march vith a tour at our local newspaper was really a good time. The main thing for the coming year is to continue on collecting information for the updated DVD. Everyone must send in information to the webmaster. Pictures is also welcome. Supplement form can be found on the homepage.


The trip to America is coming soon and i hope that both familes and guests are prepared for another invasion from sweden:)


Please follow the ongoing work at the homepage, and please let the webmaster know what you think and dont be afraid to give critic. If its possible we will print it or any changes. All to move the association forward.


Have a great summer!


Bertil Brånin  Ordf.

Taffelstråket 2   903 53  Umeå

phone +46(0)90126327 eller +46(0)705764686       bertil.branin(a)spinnelanna.se


The board is 2007 cashier Jan-Åke Karlsson, secr. Karl-Johan Markström, webmaster Per-Anders Åström, boardmembers Malin Eriksson, Roland Eriksson, Håkan Gustafsson, Otilia Johansson, Lennart Stensson and Birgitta Wilhelmsson.


Spinnel-Annas Association    www.spinnelanna.se

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