Spinnel-Annas Släktförening Umeå 2006-06-13


Hello all Spinnel-Anna Relatives!


The summer is coming with strong warm winds, after this cold rainy spring. After a couple of intense years prior to the familyreunion last year, and the work of putting the DVD together things seems to be calming down. It was a sreally success with the reunion last year as many of you know. Many interesting and exciting things happened to us during these weeks of juli. Many of you probably have pictures and stories to tell so write and email to webmaster Per-Anders and he will publish them on the homepage for all to read about. This to keep our homepage alive. 2010 is the next reunion in America, hope to see you all there.


Dont forget to take part in making the DVD even bigger by sending information in about your relatives and their families. Go to the homepage and fill out the form under ”Supplement” and send it in today. It will be needed for the updated DVD in the future. The book and DVD and some other stuff can be ordered on the homepage.


The tradition about having a yearly gathering at fidodalen is due again july 30th. At 11am. Pictures from previous gatherings can be found on the homepage. Bring good weather, there will be canoeing, bath, games, and barbeque.


If you know anyone who is a Spinnel-Anna relative but not yet in the association, havet hem look at the homepage and and send in information about their family.


Have a nice summer!


Bertil Brånin  Ordf.

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Tel +4690126327 eller +46705764686  e-mail: bertil.branin(a)rodang.se


Other on the board 2006 is cashier Jan-Åke Karlsson, secr. Karl Markström,  webmaster Per-Anders Åström,  members of the board Roland Eriksson, Håkan Gustafsson, Otilia Johansson, Lennart Stensson, Daniel Tjärnström and Birgitta Wilhelmsson


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