Umeå 2004-06-10 Dear relative!

Last Family Meeting february 2004, we decided that next Family Reunion will be July 14 – July 20, 2005

The program will briefly be as follows:
Thursday July14. Start of official programme..
Friday15- Saturday16: Different activities with host families. A lot of special arrangements in Västerbotten.
July 17 . Traditional sermon at the church of Vindeln, and Family Fest at Storsandsjön, on the place Spinnel-Anna settled.
Monday 18. Activities with host families
Tuesday 19. Spinnel-Anna Family Gathering, with World Championship i Slätkäpp, different games, food and so on; a good time!
Wednesday July 20. End of official program.

Of course we want all relatives from US, Canada and other counties abroad to celebrate this remarkable lady Spinnel-Anna during those days in Sweden!

Different activities are planned to interest different ages and gender. Young people will have special things to choose, and they woun´t have to stick to the”old folks” all the time.

If you are planning to ”join the party”, or just interested so far, I would like to know a little about you to plan for the housing and program:
Name , age , gender, occupation, hobbies and interests; and how I can contact you.
Earlier contacts in Sweden
I also would like to know if you are interested in additional journeys in Sweden, for example Stockholm and a tour by coach up through northern Sweden, a tour to Norway, a visit to Finland a.s.o

You will find updated informations about the Family Meeting on our website: www.spinnelanna.se

With a lot of love from Sweden
Lennart Stensson
Chairman Spinnel-Anna Family

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