Dear relative!

Spinnel-Anna was a strong, tough woman who stood up for himself, something else can not parse out the stories that are about her. Spinnel-Anna was, is and should be an important role model for many, especially young people in today’s society. Therefore, we are working hard to Spinnel-Anna will have a permanent and prominent place in the women’s history museum planned in Umeå. In addition, we hope to inaugurate a major exhibition of her in connection with the reunion 2015th We will keep you posted about this on our website and on Facebook.

Year Spinnel-Anna Family Association has primarily been touched on that in March was 200 years ago Spinnel-Anna died. Activities have included the traditional annual meeting, this time in Vindeln and summer meeting held in Umeå close Spinnel-Anna’s birthplace. Somewhat surprising to us was the attendance at the summer meeting on August 12 where we got to see a lot of new faces. We hope that the additional activities appear both familiar and new members. It is only as the association and Spinnel-Anna can live on.

Next year, we continue to follow Spinnel-Anna’s life in the summer hit. In the summer of 2012, we met at Västerhiske where she was born and in 2013, we meet in Tavelsjö where she subsequently moved. In 2015, the big family reunion to be held in Umeå, and then we hope that as many people as possible to put up ideas and shelter to allow a visit from our relatives in Canada and other parts of the world.

Do not forget to schedule the annual meeting 2013th We will stick to Vindel-Ånäsets byastuga Sunday, March 10 at 14.00. And as usual, you will be asked to update your lineage in the book (send to Per-Anders Åström, Dragongatan 8, 903 72 Umeå or webbmaster@spinnelanna.se)! During the weekends,’s also an excellent time to visit our website spinnelanna.se or join Spinnel-Anna’s group on Facebook.

Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Board of Spinnel-Anna’s family association

Bjorn Kjellsson, Chairman
070-618 73 30

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