20 December 2011, Umeå

Dear relatives!

After Spinnel-Anna’s annual meeting in March, the Board elected among its members a new chairman and secretary. Our new secretary, Per-Anders Åström, is since many years the association’s webmaster and responsible for updating the family book. I have myself served as member of the Board since 2008. My first memory of the Spinnel-Anna family is probably as a five year old at the reunion in 1987. I have been interested in genealogy for a long time and spend every now and then hours searching for ancestors online. What I find so thrilling about the Spinnel-Anna Family is to find connections with unknown relatives. Individuals that come from the same background but now live completely different lives around the globe.

Since the reunion in 2005, the number registered in the genealogy database has increased by 3600 persons from 17,500 to 21,100. A little twist is that the 21,100th that we registered was Olle Jonsson, son of Jan-Erik and Annelie who live in Storsandsjön.

If you know that there is information missing in the database, please fill out the attached form and send updated information to Per-Anders Åström, Dragongatan 8, 903 22 Umeå or send an email to webbmaster@spinnelanna.se.

The next big family reunion will be held in Storsandsjön in the summer of 2015. On that occasion we plan to release a new edition of the database with pictures and stories about Spinnel-Anna’s descendants. To achieve this we need your help! Please send portrait photos and stories to Per-Anders.

Long after a close relative has passed away it is common to remember them at special occasions and think ” what if xx had been a part of this” – What if Anna had known that her descendants still 200 years after her death will meet regularly. In March next year 200 years have passed since our ancestor Spinnel-Anna died. The Spinnel-Anna familiy will draw this to attention by a Spinnel Anna-day in Vindeln. For more current information visit our website, www.spinnelanna.se or join the Spinnel-Anna Group on Facebook.

We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A lot of love from the Spinnel Anna Family!
Jenny Mozgovoy

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