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Dear relatives!


I have just enjoyed the celebration of Lucia, a tradition with a Lucia with candels in her hair, maidens with candels in their hands, boys with funny hats on their heads, all dressed in white; singin X-mas carols and other christmas songs. For a couple of years this event has been sent on TV from an old iron-mill in Olofsfors, where my daughter lives. Her daughters, aged 5 and 7, was part of the show, lightning candels. it was just great!

The last days we´ve finally had a temperature below zero, and you can feel snow in the air. I must say I really long for a cross-country tour on skiis, hopefully next week. Dale reported from Saskatoon, they really had some cold days with problems for many people, but for the days in the end of July the weather will be just fine.


This year most of the work with Spinnel-Anna Family includes planning for our Canadian Tour. The interest was great, but when we charged some money for ticket reservations, some people were unsertain and backed off. Still we´re a happy bunch of people coming for a wunderful time with relatives overseas, and I know that Dale Malmgren and the comitte has prepared for a great program and boarding in Saskatoon and Melfort.


You can see whats´s going on on the web: www.spinnelanna.ca,  and Dale can give you answers to the questions you might have.


This is the official program for the swedes:


19 juli             Stockholm – Saskatoon. Staying with relatives

20 juli             Sightseeing in Saskatoon,  family picnic in the afternoon.

21 juli             Official meeting with council of Saskatoon, Twin city of Umeå, cultural program. In the afternoon bus tour to Melfort.

22 juli             Activities in Kerry Vicar Hall.

23 juli             Melfort Exhibition; we´ll participate in the paraden as wikings!

24 juli             Kerry Vicar Hall, different activities. We´ll visit the churches. In the evening farewell program

25 juli             Bus to Edmonton: Days Inn

26 juli             Shopping at West Edmonton Mall in the morning, and then westward to Jasper, Marmot Lodge.

27 juli             Icefield Parkway  passing Columbia Icefields , Banff: and Aspen Lodge

28 juli             Passing Kicking Horse Pass, Rogers Pass andGlacier –Yoho National Parks. to Kemloops. Coast Indian Inn

29 juli             We will follow Thompson and Fraser River to Vancouver, Quality Inn at False Creek.

30 juli             Sightseeing, English Bay, Gastown, Chinatown and Stanley Park

31 juli             Victoria Island, Butchart Garden and Victoria

1 aug              Free activities in Vancouver

2 aug              Transfer to airport

3 aug              back in Sweden 


It should be possible for others than the swedes to join the tour, you can check with our travel agency:: www.reseexperten.se


We still upgrade our family records, and the new DVD will be ready for release this spring. If you have new informations, you can use www.spinnelanna.se and mail it to us.


The Spinnel-Anna Family will have next family meeting in February 21, and if you wish to give informations of interest for our whole family, you could send me a mail or use the web before that date!


I now and then sit back and look at my pictures from our Family Meetings throughout the years, and I´ve sure had some great adventures. It´s just amazing that it is almost 30 years since we had the first great meeting in South Dakota, and 25 since the Family Tour in Canada.

I still remember what a chock it was to open the Melfort Exhibition, and in 2010 I´ll hopefully have a chance to make a better speach!

When I look at the pictures, I get a  warm feeling in my heart, thinking of all the great people I´ve met, and the fact that they´re all relatives! Fantastic!


Now Christmas is coming closer, and here in Sweden most of us have some days off, and it gives us time to meet with our families. In these days when people move around the world, you´re a lucky guy, if you have your children and grandchildren living somewhere close to the old folks. I´m a lucky guy in that way, and it´s great to be able to see them whenever I like. We´ll spend the New Year up in the mountains, in Ammarnas – almost my second home, and just skiing and relaxing.



we really wish you all

A Merry Christmas and a happy New Year



and the board


Bertil Brånin, Malin Eriksson, Håkan Gustafsson, Otilia Johansson, Jan-Åke Karlsson, Karl Markström, Jenny Mozogovoy och Per-Anders Åström


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