Umea 2008 12 13


Dear relative!


Many of you have sent me greetings for this Christmas Days, and I make it easy for myself by answering you this way. At the same time it gives me a chance to give you some informations about what´s going on in the Family.

Personally I´ve retired from the university, and started my own business :”HLS- outdoor consult”, just to keep me going. My closest family is growing, and it sure makes you feel rich when you can see them as often as you wish!


This has been a strange year, with the whole world economy turned over. I´ve seen that US have had a lot of financially crises, as well as we´ve had in Sweden. Suppose Canada have the same problems with companies that have crashed.  I really hope that you´ve not too deep involved in this, and can look at the future with optimistic eyes!


In Sweden we´ve started planning for the 2010 Family Reunion in Saskatchewan, Canada.  We were really happy to hear that Dale Malmgren gathered the crew in Melfort for this challange. The dates have been set, and a preliminar program for the swedish canadian tour is set. The program in Saskatoon/Melfort will be set later. I´ll give you our preliminar scedule:


July 19           Stockholm – Saskatoon. Bessborough Hotel

July 20           Sightseeing and a cultural program in Saskatoon. (Umea and Saskatoon are ”Twin Cities”)

July 21           Saskatoon – Melfort

July 22-24      Program in Melfort

July 25           Melfort – Saskatoon – Edmonton

July 26           West Edmonton Mall in the morning. – Jasper. Jasper tramway.

July 27           Icefield Parkway . Columbia Icefields  – Banff.

July 28           Kicking Horse Pass – Rogers Pass – Glacier – and Yoho National Park – Kamloops

July 29           We will follow Thompson and Fraser River down to Vancouver.

July 30           Sightseeing in Vancouver, English bay, Gastown, Chinatown, Stanley Park.

July 31           Victoria Island and Butchart Garden – Victoria . Or a tour to Whistler to the place for the Olympics.

Aug 1             Vancouver

Aug 2             Back to Sweden.


As you can see this is  breef scedule, and if you have suggestions to improve the program, please let me know! I don´t know how many swedes will join us un the tour, but hopefully about 50. And I really hope that a lot of canadians and americans will join us too!

Informations of whats going on you can find on our homepage: www.spinnelanna.se or www.spinnelanna.ca  for the planning committe in Saskatchewan. There you can find addresses to Dale and the team.


We really wish you all a Happy New Year with lots of meetings with your families! And give us new informations for our Family Record!

Love from Sweden

                      Lennart and the Family Board

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