Spinnel-Annas Association                     Umeå 2006-12-11


Dear Relatives!


Yet another year has passed, it has been a calm year in the association. The board has met up to discuss the continuess of the supplement. Sorry to say it has not been easy to get new information for the book, especially from the younger generation. The DVD and ”Old Book” is for sale at the homepage.


We had a smaller reunion at fidovalley this summer to discuss, eat and play games  and talk memories, its been a good summer here this year, just enough rain.


A lot of contacts are still being kept with the Americans and Canadians, We keep our fingers crossed for another great familyreunion in America in 2010. To plan this we need more active members in the association, both in Sweden and American and Canada.


The homepage is for family and the association. Please go see it but don’t forget to leave your mark.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the board thru Bertil Brånin C.E.O phone +4690126327  bertil.branin(a)spinnelanna.se  All I want now is some snow and minusdegrees


Rest in board is: Roland Eriksson, Håkan Gustafsson, Otilia Johansson, Jan-Åke Karlsson, Karl Markström, Lennart Stensson, Daniel Tjärnström, Birgitta Wilhelmsson and Per-Anders Åström.

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