Spinnel-Anna Släktförening 2005-12-20


Dear Relatives! 


Another year has passed, too rapidly I must say. I don´t know if it´s because I´m growing older or if it´s just the tempo has changed and so many things has to be done too fast.

The Spinnel-Anna family has really had a great year, and the headlight was naturally the Family Reunion. I was lucky to have the chance of meeeting a bunch of wunderful people in Stockholm, and it´s fascinating how fast you get the feeling of belonging to each other! Both old friends and new friends! Our capital invited us with beautiful weather and magnific scenery, old houses, streaming blue water and nice people. I mostly spend my days i Stockholm in business, and now I got a chance to explore new areas. Stockholm in summer is great, I must say!

We had a tour by bus up to the northern part of our country, and stayed overnight at Kiörningsgården in Nordingrå, at The High Coast. It was a nice little hotel, old as the hostess, but had great food and atmosphere. We had no opportunity to taste the ”Surströmming”,(a  speciality for that region) for me it`s delicious, but some prople think it smells like rutten fish.

Finally we made it to Umeå, where our other guest already had arrived, and host-familes welcomed us at the old Museum. Soon everybody had found the people they were looking for and disappeared somewhere in Västerbotten.

The great day was the Family Day at Storsandsjön, where more then 1000 people had gathered, trying to find out how they were related to each other! It´s a special feeling to look at all that people and imagine that we were all part of the same family! And the sun was still shining, not as hot as in South Dakota! Our american and canadian relatives had some days with their host families, an we had a picnic by the Vindel River before the official program was ended.

Some brave people made a tour through forest and mountains to discouver a new country, Norway, and they all survived! I was lucky to have my cousin May  and her sisters daughters sons staying for some days, and it really made my own family eager to travel westwards!

The planning for next meeting in 2010 in South Dakota has already started, and you will certainly hear more ablut it! I know that some swedes already has ideas about crossing the ocean, and I hope we´ll all keep in contact with each other in the future!

 The Family DVD was presented, and of course everything new was not included, so keep on sending in information to update the record. If you don´t have the DVD, you can get information of your records from the webmaster or order it from our homepage. The old book is still aviable.

This next year we´ll keep on the work with the supplement, and we´re planning for a picnic day out in the wilderness. I know my own scedule is ”too fat”, and I´m planning to retire as chairman for the family, but I will still be part of the board, you can still contact me as often as you like! I found out I´ve been in charge since 1979, and that´s too long, should be a younger fellow on that post!


From the board of the Family we wish you all

A Merry Christmas and a happy New Year



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