Spinnel-Anna Relatives
Umeå 2003-12-09

Dear relatives!

Time is really speeding up, and you sometimes wish you could make it slow down! Soon Christmas time is here, and I hope you all will have a great celebration, with time to meet people you love, time to relax and to be outdoors, and maybe enjoy snow and winter. In Sweden we´ve had a wonderful summer, unusually hot and sunny, and still it´s too warm for the snow to change the landscape. As you might know, I love to be out on skiis, but that´s just a dream so far! It´s been an interesting year for me with some projects in Russia and Tjeckia, as well as some Nordic meetings. And I still enjoy my work with the students at the university, and specially the classes that gives me a chance to be in the mountains or out on the sea for weeks – and get payed for it! I still work on the old house, hope to have it ready when you all come to visit me!The headlight is as always the family, specially my grandchild Elvira. We also had a visit from Vancouver, and my cousins and their families are really close to my heart.

In the Spinnel-Anna family we´ve had a summer picnic day at my boyscout camp at Fidodalen. It was a great day with swimming, canoeing, playing games and challenging excercises. We´ll do just the same next year, just for the fun of it.

We still keep on recording the data for the new book, this neverending project, and we´ve changed to a program called Min Släkt. We hope to make a CD of the old book with all new informations, so please keep on updating your family records and send me the information.

The big event will be summer 2005. We invite you all to a Family Reunion in Sweden. The time for program will be July 14 – July 20, in Umeå and Vindeln. Please send informations about this Reunion to all members of the Family! In next letter you´ll get a formula to fill in and send to me, so we´ll know how big the interest will be. You can also just send me an e-mail, more informations will come. We also would like to know if you want us to plan for a program in Stockholm, in the mountains or something else, share your ideas! Our youngsters want to see a lot of young friends on special programs, so I hope you´ll bring the new generation too!

We´ll try to keep the website up to date, so you can follow what´s going on. You are also welcome to send informations and pictures to our webmaster, he really likes to have news on the web

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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