Dear relatives!
Time really runs fast, and it´s time to give and get more informations about the event.
As you could read in my last mail (sorry, there are some new friends on the mailing-list), you could see that the organized days in Umea and Vindeln are between July 14 till July 20. I´ve already got mails from families and people that are interested in taking part in the program in Sweden.
Things we want to know to make the housing comitté work easier are some informations about yourself: age, occupation, hobbies, table number in the Family book (if you know), contacts in Sweden if you have, if you would prefere to stay at an hotel instead of family and what more you think could be of interest.

We would also like to know if you would like to take part in a Stockholm tour. July 11th – 13th guided days i Stockholm, and after lunch a bus will take us up north. We´ll stay overnight halfway to Umea close to the sea, and will arrive in Umea in the afternoon. In order to be able to give you a price , and book hotels, we must know the numbers.
And just the same for a tour to Norway July 20 –23, we must know

The program during the Reunion is as follow:
July 14, 17.00 Opening
July 15 Day with host family
July 16 Grano Water Festival (close to the homestead of Anders Johnsson)
July 17 Family Day; sermon in Vindeln Church + special program at Spinnel-Anna Homestead; fun, games and gathering
July 18 Day with host family
July 19 Picnic at Vindel river
July 20 Closing of the official program

We´ll have a special program for ”the younger people” that they can choose if they woun´t
stay with the old folks all the time.

Contact person i SD is Jacque Sly, bjsly(a)enetis.net. She told me that there are possibilities
for different flightscedules with groupbooking. Thanks Jacque, for your work!
Most welcome to Sweden!

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