Spinnel Annas Realtives is a organisation for relatives to a strong woman in Vasterbotten. Alfred Zingmark did the research and published the book ”Spinnel-Annas Relatives” in 1960. During this the relatives met for the first time at Storsandsjon, where Spinnel-Anna had made her settlement 195 years before. In 1965 a memorial rock was raised at the homestead, Storsandsjon. Since then the familyreunion have been there in 1970 and 1975. By the reunion in 1975 it was decided that the next familyreunion was to be in the USA and a travelcommitée was founded.

The first familytrip 1980 gathered 140 relatives and went from the the Swedish settlements around Minneapolis to Platte in South Dakota, where the familyreunion became true. Platte on the other hand only had 1200 inhabitants. It was to shown that most of the households had something to do with the family in some way and we all could stay with our realtives in Platte. After that there was a hike in Black Hill, before the group became a westcoast and a eastcoast group.
Before the trip there was courses in english, danceing and singing.

In 1982 we had a reunion in Vindeln, and both Swedish and a couple 100 American and Canadian realtives were present.

By now our organisation was beginning to grow and to handle all the connections we decided to form Spinnel-Annas Realtives in 1983

In 1985 there was time for our second America trip this time to Canada. The reunion took place at Melfort, Saskatchewan, and ended with a tour to The Rocky Mountains down to Vancouver.

In 1987 we had a reunion in Vasterbotten and this year we had alot of american realtives and about 1000 swedish relatives

In 1990 there was another trip to ”Spinnel Anna Family Reunion” in Platte. This time the trip started in Chicago with our nationalcelebration. And a interesting tour too the west and to South Dakota. There we had a tour in the Sioux Camp, witch was very interesting. There reunions give more then just meeting people but also to get to know the relatives but also to fun and play and entertainment .One of these events is dragstick and the winners have been both from America and Sweden

At this reunion it was decided that the reunions was to be every 5:th year and to alternate between Sweden Usa/Canada. And to try and follow the family growth in a addition to the Family Book

In 1995 we had our family reunion i Vindeln/Umea and a day in Storsandsjon was planned

And now in 2000 our relatives in Platte S.D was to host our family reunion but as in many other organisations there was to few younger persons whom wanted to take the responsibility of this huge format. and once again Platte offered to help.

The interest to go to America in 2000 has been good and we hope that the trip will be as good as the once before!!!

Here is a film from 2010, Lennart is conducting singers
Here is Dale Malmgren singing

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